Charter of Ethics

Commitments towards the Clients

The role of adviser
RH PARTNERS establishes a professional relationship with his Client and helps him to identify his needs.
RH PARTNERS is committed to implement ways that promote the reflection of his client and permit the expression of his free and responsible choices.
RH PARTNERS only accepts to carry out missions that correspond to its field of activities and level of competencies.

A precise definition of the mission
RH PARTNERS only accepts to carry out missions that have been clearly specified and that not defy the legislation and the common sense.
RH PARTNERS strictly stands by its role of adviser and cannot assume the responsibility of the Client in his decision-making role.
Every mission is formalized as a written Contract and Appendices including the designation of the nature of the mission and of the used methodology, the compensation, the expenses, the terms of payment as well as its different steps.

Guarantee of employed means, of competences and of professionalism.
The consultant only uses the proven means that he masters.
Every consultant fulfils all the requirements in terms of educational background, professional experience and ethical qualities which are necessary to successfully carry out this work.
The consultant regularly informs its interlocutors about the progress of his mission..

They must be precisely specified by the parties and formalized under a written form before the work starts.
Fully reflects the volume and the quality of services rendered.

Professional secrecy
The files and the information received by the consultant in the frame of his work on the mission are protected by the professional secrecy. No information can be communicated to a third party without the previous agreement of the Client.

Commitments towards the Candidates

The information
RH PARTNERS is committed to give to the candidates the most complete and objective information about the vacancy, the requirements, the working conditions, the different steps and the progress of his application.

Respect et confidentiality
During the whole research and selection process, the candidate is treated with all the necessary respect and consideration.
RH PARTNERS limits his comments and assessments only to professional skills necessary to the vacancy which he is contracted for.
References for recommendations can only be used with the candidate’s agreement.

RH PARTNERS is committed to use only proven methods of evaluation which provide the best guaranties, seriousness, objectivity and effectiveness.


A code of ethics requires RH PARTNERS maintain absolute secrecy on all matters or information about its customers..

Therefore, in the context of this consultation, RH PARTNERS undertakes, with regard to all information, documents or other articles provided by the customer, excluding information, documents or objects have fallen into the public domain officially:

  • not to disclose, divulge or disclose to third parties the information, documents or things provided by the client;
  • not use, directly or indirectly, the information, documents or things provided by the client;
  • not to disclose, disclose, disclose, use, exploit and commercialize, directly or indirectly materials, methods, tools, know-how, trade secrets and processes provided by the client;
  • to enforce this confidentiality clause by its staff.