Company’s Profile

RH PARTNERS is an international network of HR consultancy agencies with almost 30 years history and offices on 4 continents. Our team consists of professionals in the field of Recruitment, Talent Development and HR administration. We know the local labour market, the specificity of Western companies and which challenges they are facing in Russia. We work with companies from all industries.


More than 30 years’ experience

Since the opening of our first office in 1984, we have been working to bring together People and Enterprises.  Our action focuses on accompanying both enterprises and organisations in the choices they have to make.  By consulting with thousands of different individuals, business people in search of the ideal candidate or a new method of organization, new executives wishing to evolve, personnel at a turning point in their careers,
we have learned to define and bring out the best in people.

Our assets

Nearly 30 years’ experience in Human Resources Consultancy
Presence on a international, national and local level : guarantee of reactivity
In-depth knowledge of the local environment (culture, economy, labour market…)
Perennial and successful partnership with numerous enterprises of all sizes and of all sectors of activity
Tried and tested know-how in sourcing and skills assessment.

Key dates and figures:

Today, RH PARTNERS Group is a national and international network composed of :

  • 38 agencies:  34 in France and 4 other offices worldwide
  • 150 business partners, 105 of whom are consultants
  • About 30 years of business experience worldwide, more than 10 years in Russia
  • Database of more than 90 000 CVs including the widest range of  French-speaking candidates in Russia
  • About 3 000 closed vacancies per year.

Our Russian Team

One of RH PARTNERS’s recognized strengths is our exceptional team of experts. Our multicultural consultants at the mean time understand the western approach of work attitude and know all about local job markets and industries, about best possible employers among local and international companies and are active in all major professional networks.

The RH PARTNERS team in Russia is made up of professionals with significant work experience in a managerial position in Russia and/or abroad. That’s why, they understand the importance of a successful recruitment on long term. Our consultants have proven experience in fulfilling complex recruitment and executive search, career management and executive coaching, and in many other HR consultancy issues.

They are passionate by their job and dedicated to your success.

Partnerships and business associations

RH PARTNERS has established partnership or is member of following associations: