Executive Search, Recruitment, Evaluation

Executive Search, Recruitment, Evaluation

For almost 30 years, companies from different fields entrust RH PARTNERS with recruitment of strategic managers and narrow specialized professionals.

We use proven search and selection methods certified ISO 9004.2 Qualiforma and AFNOR in all countries where RH PARTNERS operates.

That means that all the stages from the position and the candidate’s profile definition to the hired employee’s integration into the company are rigorously followed.


  • Our philosophy is to work on our client’s side acting as its own HR department with the objective of helping the company to build effective and stable teams,
  • We have a very good understanding of the Russian labor market and at the same time of the western standards and business approach,
  • They way we work allows us to be flexible and very reactive,
  • The approach we have in communicating with candidates contributes to a better image of our clients as potential employers,
  • We collaborate with other RH PARTNERS agencies and use our global database, and thus can reach experienced and High Potential candidates worldwide,
  • A sole consultant is in charge of the whole cycle of search and selection for positions which correspond the best to his expertise domains in terms of background or previous professional experience,
  • All our consultants have extensive experience at western companies in Russia and/or abroad,
  • and they speak several foreign languages what makes communication with our clients more effective and comfortable.


The recruitment of a professional to a strategic position is a complex and important issue for every company, and it is even more the case in Russia because of the market specificity.

The right choice of the candidate for a managerial position is essential as he will contribute to successful development of the company on the local market.

Thus, to help you finding and selecting the person able to reach the most ambitious goals on the long term, we will:

  • Deeply understand the business environment and the corporate culture of your company, your goals and particularities;
  • Work together on the definition of the position and the profile of an « ideal » candidate (to make sure that your requirements and expectations correspond to the realities of the market in terms of competencies/experience/compensation level),
  • Elaborate and implement the best strategy for an effective search and selection of candidates,
  • Make sure that the motivations and career plans of preselected candidates fit with the values and aims of your company,
  • Support you in your final choice of the candidate and the job offer elaboration,
  • Follow the employed candidate integration in the company.

Do you have already one or more candidates, but you would feel more confident to have your choice validated by an external expert?

We offer a comprehensive evaluation conducted on the basis of an individual interview done by an expert consultant as well as a range of tests, including the iWAM from jobEQ, a model of cognitive thinking styles based on 48 personality filters. We reveal you the potentials, confirm the aptitudes and identify the development needs. The results are provided in the form of a detailed written report and explained during a personal meeting with you.