Interim Executive Management

In an Interim Executive Management assignment, an external executive temporarily assumes a leadership role within a given company, providing their skill and expertise to assist the company during a period of change or to address a management gap.

A Highly-qualified, results-oriented expert operationally oversees the company’s transformation or achievement of designated objectives.

Although Interim Executives generally assume roles in relation to finance, human resources, operations, general management, project management and support functions, an Interim Executive can also address numerous competency needs and management requirements as specified by the customer.
RH PARTNERS Russia maintains a talent pool of qualified and immediately-operational interim managers who are ready to tackle complex situations on international level. Our strategy includes closely overseeing each assignment using our proven methodology to monitor performance and ensure we meet our clients’ goals.

We provide our clients the best independent talent for customized Interim Executive Management solutions. Quick to respond, we work efficiently with clients to address needs in strategic project initiatives, performance improvement, crisis management, change management, leadership gaps and urgent executive replacements.