Outstaffing & Personnel Outsourcing

Nowadays, OUTSTAFFING is one of the most popular approaches in the human resources management as it allows to significantly reduce administrative costs and risks level.
For several years RH PARTNERS has been offering this service to its clients in Russia and the CIS countries.
You develop your business – we build and sustain your team!

  • You are looking forward developing your sales on the Russian market but have some doubts about its potential or are not ready yet to open a local subsidiary;
  • You plan to develop your business in the regions or in the CIS countries;
  • You wish to minimize costs and risks operating on new territories;
  • You need to take under control and stabilize costs of Personnel;
  • You would like to avoid the impact of recruitment costs;
  • You wish to avoid and minimize the legal responsibility of your company before the employees;
  • You want to reduce the volume of HR issues managed by strategic managers, HR and accounting departments;
  • You need to hire highly qualified specialists for time-limited projects;
  • You are looking for specialists to manage non-core assets;
  • You would like to reduce the risk of problems with the regulatory authorities;
  • You need to hire people and have no possibility to do so for some legal or internal limitations;
  • You want to minimize risks when dismissing employees;
  • You would like to test the employee longer than allowed by the trial period;

The process

1. Diagnosis
  • AUDIT of client’s needs and service providing conditions;
  • Commercial offer and CONTRACT signing;

2. Recruitment / Employment
  • High quality RECRUITMENT of specialists, following our search and selection methodology which is certified ISO 9004.2 and AFNOR;
  • EMPLOYMENT of specialists on the staff of RH PARTNERS (signing of labor contract);
  • Support in registering foreign employees (working permits procurement, visa support);

3. HR administration
  • Enabling the Client’s staff the use of the current RH PARTNERS’ existing employees’ system of benefits;
  • Staff records management for all hired specialists, according to the Russian Labor Code requirements;
  • Salaries and bonuses calculation and payment to employees;
  • Calculation and payment of all necessary taxes and charges, payments to necessary official funds;
  • Management of compensation packages of staffed Client’s employees;

4. Operational issues
  • Support in finding and selecting providers and setting up contracts for employees’ medical insurance, car leasing, office rent, telephone subscription, buying equipment etc…, in the frame of agreed budget;
  • Support in business trips organization and processing the employees’ business trips expenses;
  • Fulfillment of payments to providers under contracts and in accordance with Customer’s instructions;

5. Dismissals / Transfers
  • Termination of labor relations on Client’s request or transfer of the employee on the staff of the Client’s structure;
  • Bearing legal responsibility during the employee dismissal.

  1. RH PARTNERS will act as your competent and reliable partner and mediator;
  2. You launch and/or develop your business in Russia within shorter deadlines and keeping costs stable;
  3. You get the necessary time to open a legal entity and manage all administrative issues;
  4. You have the possibility to focus on your core business without losing time with managing issues not linked to sales or company value growth;
  5. Enhancement of your company’s competitiveness;
  6. You do not to extend your HR or accounting departments and thus reduce costs;
  7. Your company does not carry the responsibility before Taxes and Labor Inspections, and Migration service;
  8. We manage the search of your employees, assess and check their qualification level;
  9. You get the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of unique specialists who are too expensive to be hired;
  10. To reach significant savings in salary budget and lower staff costs;
  11. You have the possibility to reduce staff size without reducing the real number of employees;
  12. Better possibility to use temporary staff, for instance for projects;
  13. We guaranty confidentiality;
  14. You avoid or lower risks of bearing trial costs and responsibility when dismissing employees.

RH PARTNERS benefit from an extensive experience in OUTSTAFFING, so in a sense we can act as a highly “professional employer”. This means that we offer high-level HR and payroll administration and use advanced tools and software in managing labor relations. Using OUTSTAFFING is also cost-saving as it discharges the workload of the HR and accounting departments and lets the managers concentrating on more strategic issues.
That is why OUTSTAFFING is an optimal solution for companies operating in all activities fields – from industry to services.