Talent development

Our Career Development Department focuses on the effective solution of your goals in talent development, using various instruments of assessment and coaching.
We propose integrated approach to important issues like effective solutions for all steps from recruiting of competent specialists to developing and retaining talents in your company.

Finding New Potential

Do you want to optimize the Human Resource needs of your business? Identify potentials and limitations? Promote and support your staff to anticipate a change of responsibilities? We offer solutions for Assessment,  360 ° Evaluation, and the Inventories for Work Attitudes and Motivations method (IWAM) which will allow to take the right decision.

Integration Coaching
We develop adaptation programs according to potential assessment, to help achieve the peak performance as soon as possible

Teamwork and motivation training
We advise and train managers on how to improve the team cohesion, motivate and develop subordinates, and delegate responsibility

HR training for Recruiters and Team Managers

We train your HR staff and your Managers to be able to identify the motivations and attitudes of a person in the employment context and predict how that person will behave in different types of jobs during  the interview.

Talent training and development
Potential evaluation, training, individual and team coaching

Leadership development
Evaluation of leadership potential and executive-coaching

In addition to career and business coaching, we teach coaching skills to the HR specialists and managers of your company.

Building effective teams
Team work improvement by team coaching and strategic sessions

Integration of expats’ life partner
Support and coaching to facilitate the integration of the expats’ life partner in Russia

We apply the coaching approach to talent management. This approach allows increasing the flexibility in the team management, to grow leaders in the long term perspective.

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