Federal Law No. 142-FZ on Russian Federation Citizenship

RH PARTNERS brings to your attention that a Federal Law No. 142-FZ On Amendment of Articles 6 and 30 of the Federal Law On Russian Federation Citizenship and Individual Regulations of the Russian Federation signed on 4 June 2014 (the Law) will come into force starting from August 4, 2014.

The Law introduces a new requirement by which Russian citizens who hold any other citizenship or permanent residence permit (or any other document proving the right to permanent residency) in a foreign state must notify the Russian migration authorities (the Federal Migration Service – FMS) about such foreign citizenship(s) or residence permit(s). This notification must be done within 60 days from the day of issuance of the citizenship/residency card.

The Law provides an exemption for Russian citizens who permanently reside outside Russia.

Notification procedure. The notification must be filed either via a local FMS agency directly or via a Russian post office upon presentation of the passport.

The notification must include the following information on the individual: full name, date and place of birth, permanent place of residence, number of the Russian passport, name, number and date of issuance of the foreign passport (or other document proving his/her foreign citizenship) and/or permanent residence permit (or a similar document),date and grounds for the receipt of the foreign citizenship or permanent residence permit, information on the extension of the period of foreign permanent residence permit or receipt of a new relevant residence document, information on the application to the competent authority of a relevant foreign state on the refusal to be granted foreign citizenship or permanent residence permit (in the event of filing such application). The notification must also include copies of the individual’s Russian passport, foreign passport and/or permanent residence permit (or a similar document).

The exact form and procedure for filing notifications shall be approved by the FMS separately.

Liability. Failure to file the notification constitutes a criminal offence and can lead to a penalty of a fine of up to RUB 200,000 (approximately EUR 4250) or up to the amount of the offender’s annual salary or up to 400 hours of community service.

A delay in filing a notification or filing it with incomplete or inaccurate information is an administrative offence subject to a penalty of between RUB 500 and RUB 1,000 (approximately between EUR 10 and EUR 20).


Full text of the Federal Law: http://pravo.gov.ru/laws/acts/43/4952504510601047.html