Publication in Le Courrier de Russie

Le Courrier de Russie is going to publish an article about RH PARTNERS. We are glad to post it here.

RH PARTNERS helps clients to create successful and stable teams, by hiring people who share common values and strive for the same goal. To accomplish this, we implement modern tools, based on the performance model, according to which the productivity of the employee and the team depends on three factors: motivation and work attitude, values and goals, as well as competencies. During selection process both internal and external recruiters usually pay attention to the competencies and previous experience, hoping to predict the candidate’s future success upon this basis. However, even a full-scale assessment center for competency check doesn’t make the hiring decision any easier. Motivators and values play an important role and are responsible for at least 46% of success, but it is quite difficult to identify them through the standard method of selection. In addition to position description we need to identify key motivational factors and values, “filters” that allow the candidate not only to fit in well with the company, but also to work effectively for the benefit of the employer in the long term. In addition, loyalty based on internal motivation, does not require excessive monetary incentives.

Working on the position, our consultants elaborate a profile of position, taking into account not only formal requirements, but also the parameters of motivation, work attitude and values, and reveal their congruence with the requirements of the position and alignment with culture, both on the level of specific department and the whole company. We do not use personality inventories, since their effectiveness in the work context is limited. Conducted by our agency assessment of the candidate, carried out by interview with the consultant or by remote testing platform, is not based on any typology. It does not hangs labels, describing or defining the person like “enthusiast” or “analyst”, but evaluates key cognitive patterns which are responsible for the behavior in a particular work context. These patterns do not depend on gender or culture, which makes it possible to apply this technique in a cross- cultural context, and it is especially important for our customers – international companies operating on the Russian market.

All this highlights the RH PARTNERS group among a number of recruitment agencies. This approach has an effect of improving productivity, increasing the ROI of HR management, reducing turnover and ensuring employee satisfaction, which builds up the employer’s brand.