“Why Should We Hire You?”

The Tough Interview Question and Its Answer: “Why Should We Hire You?”

The tough interview question: why should we hire you? is often the most dreaded question by most job seekers. The question many people need to have answered is how on earth do you answer that question adequately?

Frame your response to this question in a way that you are selling yourself, as this question truly opens up the opportunity to do so!

In an interview situation, your tone and body language is particularly important. When you answer this particular question you need to watch your tone. Where so many people fail is that their tone changes when they are asked a question that they have been dreading or anxious about answering. This could potentially be devastating to your chances of success. Pay particular attention to your tone when you respond to this question.

The key to a successful tone is being positive and show enthusiasm. Whatever you say, say it with a smile on your face. A smile will instinctively affect the tone of your voice. So what ever you say – say it with a smile and with a sense of confidence.

It is also important not to let your enthusiasm drop when you are asked this question. Try and keep your tone consistently enthusiastic.

But enough on tone. What should you actually say when you are asked this question?

The key to answering the tough interview question of why should we hire you? is preparation: you need to know what your transferable skills are.

Transferable skills are those skills that you pick up in a work or personal environment that you take with you where ever you go. For example, if you have developed a high level of knowledge regarding computing and IT issues, then this is a skill that your next employer will benefit from. Take some time and establish in your head what skills you have in your personal arsenal. These skills make you a valuable asset to any company. The more developed and polished your transferable skills are, the more valuable you are to a company.

The other side to your answer comes in the form of relevant experience. Essentially you need to be able to demonstrate that your previous roles have given you the experience to prove you are more than capable of doing the job you are applying for.

You don’t need to try and say you have previously held the same job with another company; rather you can draw on your career history in order to cover the different aspects of your perspective role. So if your perspective job role includes managing an office and dealing with the public, then you should be pulling from your career history a role where you have worked with the public, and a different role where you were in charge of an office.

Finally, you need to remember that as important as this single question is, it is not everything. Think of this question as an opportunity to sell yourself by discussing the above mentioned items. When you think about it in this way you may actually look forward the being asked this very tough interview question!