Senior Retail Category Manager non food

Senior Retail Category Manager non food

Leading retail  company  TOP 3

Must have high customer orientation attitude

About Our Client

Our client is a large TOP 3  retail company.

Senior Retail Category Manager will drive the pricing, shelving, marketing and promotions of the category’s products in order to make them as visible, accessible, and appealing to customers as possible.

Key Responsibilities

The overall responsibility of the Retail Category Manager is to optimize sales for a particular group of products.

  • to maintain a productive relationship with vendors that is mutually beneficial,
  • to create an engaging relationship with customers that is interactive and satisfying.
  • Vendor Management: right selection, availability, and acquisition of products, responsible for negotiating pricing, delivery and payment terms with vendors
  • Pricing & Marketing: setting competitive pricing points and adjusting the pricing
  • Planning &Inventory Control: managing inventory and for effectively planning and forecasting in order to maximize the profitability of the inventory flow

Prior Experience Needed to be a Successful Retail Category Manager:

  • strong background with merchandising and vendor relationships
  • additional experience with product purchasing, financial analysis, and inventory control is preferable for a new Retail Category Manager as well.
  • specific expertise with the sales and marketing of specific products within the merchandise category is also considered as high valuable experience for the position.

Qualifications of Retail Category Managers:

  • analytical and retailbtob  management skills
  • people relationship skills
  • analytical and practical in order to manage the numbers part of their job effectively. intuitive and personable in order to manage the people part of the retail equation as well. must have good judgment and wisdom in negotiations, projections, and communications.

Skill Required:

  • exceptional organization
  • excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • strong mathematical and analytical skills are essential skills.
  • to be able to easily establish a rapport with a wide variety of people from diverse backgrounds at all levels of employment.



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